Shove or Fold


Shove or Fold will help you improve your short-stack skills which can be very useful near the end of tournaments or even in some situations in cash games. Quickly look up which hands to shove or test your knowledge by playing against an optimal opponent.

The idea of Shove or Fold came about after I was reading the various Shove/Push/Jam-Fold charts found on the internet. These charts, while plenty good are hard to read especially if you need to make a quick decision. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an app that displays this information, just select the stacksize and all the playable hands are highlighted for you. In just a couple of seconds you have the information and the chance of mistakes are minimal. In addition the charts can be made more accurate. A printed chart shows that a hand should be shoved up to a certain stacksize. This may be correct most of the time, but sometimes it happens that a hand should be shoved at say a stacksize of 5BB but not at 4BB. This problem doesn’t happen in our App since we only show one stacksize at a time. We can even show how often a hand should be shoved. If a hand should only be shoved 50% of the time the App will highlight half of the square that represents that hand. In practice this may not be so useful but it’s a nice extra feature.